Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweet Christmas

Everybody getdown!! I love classic superhero costumes. My blog cover with classic Dazzler pretty much sums it up for me. Although, I'll admit that his outfit feels more early 80's. At some time we all got on this kick to make Superheroes more realistic. I guess it makes them more believeable. Not me though. Its that crazy, larger than life aspect about these champions of justice that gets me excited. Lets all admit that Powerman was kinda pushing the envelope a bit anyway. I could imagine an editor saying, "Hey! what if Shaft had superpowers?" Plus he never really hit it big in the comic industry anyway. He was one of those C list superheroes that even classic fans barely took seriously. Come on, Doctor Doom owed the guy money one time, so he smashed up his place until Doom paid him.


Steve said...

Nice John. I think you may have to draw an Iron Fist to keep him company though. heheh

Damion009 said...

jesus.... nice!