Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Hanging Tree

I didn't get all the details but a few members of the Mages council found themselves here. Sucks to be on the Mages council.


An escaped monster from the Scorcerers prison.


He's the ringleader behind a goup of escapee's from the sorcerers prison.


It just doesn't pay to be on the mages council.


A member of the nightmare parliment. Another favorite design.

The Traveler

A wondering guy with an ancient Gun/sword.

Valaris II

Matris's little sister. Smarter and more confident than Matris. Never read enough to find out what happens to her.


I remember always looking at her and Unice and wondering exactly what kind of age difference they have. Maybe she just uses magic to make herself look young.


Practiclly the Gandalf/Dumbledor type character. He and his wife lead the mages council.


Another member of the Mages Council. These guys got slaughtered. A really nice old man that loved the kids. Shame.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Artemus: Medieval Metrosexual

Well! What can you say about the guy that isn't obvious.

Silvermane:Every good dog has his bitch

She's Redclaw's significant other. She supposed to be emotional and erradic at times. Much like with Rosemary, the original drawing was not as planned out.

Scorpio: Whats that up in the sky?

Quick! sumbody play da Batman theme song!

Rosemary: Another vampire Drama Queen

I try not to hate on vamps to much, but they make it so easy. I like the final more now. I remember that my first pass was kinda lack luster.

Robin: The teams Werewolf Hunter

Another of the main characters. I remember when Mel first pitched this Character. He had an obsession with Really long ponytails at the time.

Rhapsody: Devil Princess

O.K. everybody sing along now! "Oh I'm just a girl!!!"

RedClaw: In case you were wondering. Yes! He's a Jerk

He's Robin's personal problem if I'm correct. He's also Serena's half brother. I know that his skin tone is WAY lighter, but he is only a Half brother after all. Ha!

Ms Raylia Fairbourne: She still got it

I enjoyed this character. I would like to see her be aware that she's spent most of her life hunting instead of having children and living a normal life, but not really regretting it.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Comics for kids 1

These were the first three strips produced for Verge Graphics. It was all about drug awareness. The summary for the project was 5, 3-5 panel comic strips drawn in a manga style.

Comics for kids 2

The Characters were provided by the client and I only had to redraw them in my style. The scripts were provided and there were a few examples of how they were to be layed out. A straight forward project I would definetly work with David again.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Prosperity:Luck be a Lady.

From the moment I read the description of this character I was excited to draw her. I'll admit I wasn't sure I had read it correctly and had to read over it to make sure. None the less, she's still my favorite design.

Ravenwood:He missed his ivitation to the Fellowship

Another of the main cast. he's a knight of diamondspire, I do believe.

Olin:The giant grey dragon

I still remember that I read that scene where she was killed by the Vampires. She kinda got her tail handed to her.

Pelion:Ain't always good to be the king.

Gotta give the kid credit. He really wanted to rule. He just wasn't fit for the job. ...and then he died.

Minos: Ok! Thats just weird.

I love this little guy. I have no solid info on what he's supposed to be. Other than the fact that he's supposed to be a guardian of some kind.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Memory:She may not have eyes, but she can see your past.

She's one of my favorite members of the Nightmare parliment. Its one of those designs that just hearing it described to me I was interested.

Matris:She is our Heroine

I imagine by the time she walks into the mages council. The audience will notice her outfit is more detailed than all the others.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Malice:Hero to her people

Whats a royal gaurd, devil, swordwoman do in her free time anyway?

Bale:Devils don't cry

Aww c'mon! Whats he so mad about? Then again... Why not?

Spry:The Roughneck

A little wilder than his brother.

Lithe:Calm and cool

The smooth operator of the twins.

Lillian: Queen of the Blood suckers

Here's her card. Don't loose it.

Kwai:Mage prodigy

He was young and briliant. To bad he's dead.

Kodiac: She's a brick house

If only we could go into the "way back" machine and grab Missy Elliot before she lost weight.

Isis: undead arms dealer

I dunno. If she's dead that probably means it was because her weapons are of poor quality.