Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ms. Poovey

Yeah.  I know when I'm gettin' carried away.  I love this character tho. I had been meaning to do a pinup of Pam while I was working on the show.  Only took me a whole year after I left the studio to get it done.  HA ha.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Shaman Child

Did this sketch for Studio mate Irene Strychalski.  Bet I'm spelling that wrong, but its late. Added a few curves to her main character. and played wit the look of the water spirit.

Irene runs a blog called.
Duh DAH!!

!!Shaman Child!!

Its already a few chapters in. If you haven't given it a read and the sketch has you curious, "hit duh link my dude".

Ruby Red

Did this pinup as a commission for a Burlesque show dancer. Met her at a local Event called the Art B que. Weather was terrible and foot traffic was minimal. Didn't help that the event was mostly a family thing and all my art was Cheesecake. Ms. Red Mayne saw my art and felt like it was a good match. It was a fun project.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

"It's been a long time." Had a really crazy time with work but I've neglected this blog. Gonna be posting stuff that I've worked on over the next couple of days so there'll be a steady stream of stuff for the next couple of days. This is or Stephanie Gladden. She runs a book called. duh DAH Yup "the Grrlz of Monstuhz Par-dice". I loves me so me some Big ole Women. Chevelle was an immediate win. Thru in a sketch of Her Monster R.T. What could be better than a lovely curvy woman than Buck wild monster to go with her. Cheers!