Sunday, March 20, 2011

X-23 with toy Shuma

I did this commission for a guy I met on deviant art. It was a chance for me draw some characters from MVC3. I admitted to several people that I new ABSOLUTELY nothing about X-23 when I started and finished the piece. After its completion I found out how far removed from the character the image is.


Wade said...
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Wade said...

Yus, my thoughts exactly! I was like, "Sheesh, oh god here we go with another Anime-style pinup... Yet again another female character's integrity ruined. Godd dammit, whats with these Anime-crazy fa-- Holy crap its Rokk! xDDD"

And then I was all like, "Hey dude, I could never hate your artwork! Yeah man, you drew her boobs so big! Naw, bigger is better like...!" ...Don't you just hate mixed emotions??