Friday, April 9, 2010


I guess I spoke too soon when I said that I made my last Illustration for the month. I fan of my art Stacey "Tron" Owens hit me up for a sketch to put in her book. I've been as much a fan of her work as well and I love her figure. When she asked if I could make this happen before she went to print I asked Mel if we could put the work on hold till I was done. He was cool with it. With this last sketch off my desk its going to be pretty quiet around here for a couple months. Here's hoping the work goes well and that I'm back to my routine by early July.


Damion009 said...

dude!!!! what can I say? every thing about your work it insanely good!!!

Matthew Mundane said...

Your work is flawless, no questions. However Stacey is not a woman. It is a Pre-op man with implants. I know... I was shocked too.