Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anvil chorus pg 1

This projects been eating up a lot of my sketching time. Its a 6 page preview comic for Anvil chorus. I got all the pages inked and lettered. All I got left now is to color it. Its been put on hold a few times for other projects and I finally got the inks wrapped up a couple days ago. I had originally planned to have it all done for Dragon con but its becoming clear to me that its just not going to happen. Tom Fiester is a member of Studio Revolver that I know. He has a serious hard on to do everything himself. After all the time its taken to put this together, I can applaud his efforts but sadly I can't do it myself. Of course, Toms' work is usually late and thats part of the problem.


Steve said...

There are a few artists who are so good, that people will wait forever to buy their comic. John you are one of those artists. This page is awesome with just the inks. Fully colored, I'm sure it kicks ass.

Tom Feister said...

John, lateness has been a problem for me in the past, that's true, but I have not missed a deadline for quite some time now. I've done 14 consecutive GI JOE: Origins covers and I'm currently ahead of schedule by two covers. The other projects I'm working on are not on the schedule so there is no deadline yet.