Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Red Ninja

Kurenai, the star of Ill-fated game titled "Red ninja". I loved this character design and when I fond out her back story, she immediately became one of my favorite characters. The game didn't do so well. It was another stealth assassin game in a long line of those types. Personally I kind of enjoyed Tenchu and other such games but I give them all the same failings. They have amazing ideas for being sneaky, because your character can't hold there own in a fight. Which makes perfect sense for an assassin. However they all want you to duke it out with some near godlike forces of nature for bosses. Which may sound cool, but rarely works out in execution. I actually bought a copy of the game. I've never played it though. My fear is that the game will disappoint me so badly that I'll loose my affection for it. Yeah, I know its stupid but its either hit or miss with me when it comes to manga and the past years have not been kind.

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Steven said...

Another rockin' illustration Johnrokk!