Monday, September 1, 2008


I had been looking at the last post on my blog so long it was starting to bother me. This isn't a new piece its something I did earlier this year that I hadn't posted because the book hadn't been published yet. There ya go. He's the keeper of dreams and guards some powerful being who is to never be allowed to awaken.


Steven said...

Another great design, and another wallpaper pic for me at work. The graytones are pretty awesome.

I like to thinki this guy devours the souls of all the warriors he bests, and thus has all of their skills, so when you fight him, it's not just you against him. It's you, versus everyone he's ever killed, and him.

Steve-O said...

I've been visiting Alina Hiu-Fan Chau site from your page, and wow she is good. What amazing use of color.

Also, I was going to join you in a Scare-Women-Away club, but apparently it wore off of me. Sorry.

Steven said...

Hey Jon,

I know I shouldn't talk, but I'm eager to see what you'll post next. Any time frame on that?